About Us


Video currently makes up 64% of internet traffic and that’s predicted to grow to over 80% over the next two years. With companies who regularly share video content proven to be 53 times more likely to rank in the Google top ten searches for their industry areas, it’s clear that videos are a powerful tool when it comes to getting noticed online. But many people struggle to identify their key messages or gain a clear picture of how video fits in with their overall business objectives.

The Media Studios was established in early 2015 to help companies develop and produce smaller video projects within an accessible budget. The concept was developed after it was clear that for most companies, the production of smaller video projects, were still beyond their current marketing resources.Video production is traditionally dependent on the combination of fixed cost resources such as camera operators, studio time, lighting and editing. Costs that are usually only available on fixed full-day terms. At the Media Studios, our unique “drop in” service allows companies to, flexibly schedule studio time to create their content, when they need it.