UAV Service


The Media Studios only works with UAV (Drone / Fixed Wing) companies that show professional competence and a serious approach to health and safety when working with us on a client’s site. UAV photography and filming requires a strict adherence to the rules and regulations enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority. Therefore, The Media Studios does not work with companies who operate UAVs outside of these parameters or which compromise health and safety. 

The Media Studios currently works with only one supplier that we would also recommend (without hesitation) to any company or individual seeking to source high quality stills and video.

Airborne Platforms UK has consistently delivered high professional standards, great quality footage/stills and a unwavering adherence to health and safety. That is why we only work with them on our client’s projects.

Note: If safety levels can not be met or maintained then the UAVs will not be launched.

Useful Links: CAA Airspace Restrictions




Photography by Frances Eyre